Sequoia Orchids grows and hybridizes cool growing Orchids of exceptional quality. We have decades of experience and sell primarily wholesale to the tradeClick here if you would like to find a retail outlet for Sequoia Orchids ~~ or learn more about growing orchids on our free information pages.


Our orchids are grown through the delicate early (3-4 year) stages into vigorous, healthy “liners” (plants in 3 1/3 inch pots). By following our cultural guidelines, the liners are capable of producing attractive plants with vibrant colored flowers within 12 to 24 months.

Most of our hybrid clones used in propagation were selected from the thousands of seedling crosses made by Sequoia Orchids over the past 26 years. The germination of seeds and the tissue cultural of our plants takes place in our own laboratory. The Odontoglossum, Oncidium, and Miltoniopsis plants are hybridized by well known, successful orchid hybridizers. Our controlled laboratory produces wholesale orchid hybrids that will delight your retail customers.

From time to time we offer smaller numbers of Coelogyne, Zygopetalums and intergeneric (see footnote below) Oncidium and Odontoglossum crosses at wholesale prices. We will continue to search for other interesting and attractive species to offer our customers.

Sequoia Redwoods has thousands of redwood trees ready for you to buy.

We have pioneered tissue culture techniques enabling us to be on the forefront of forest restoration and timber production industries. We also supply redwood trees to home owners and landscapers.

We can produce redwood trees that are rapid growing yet of superior quality for timber production. The climatic conditions at our facilities are ideal for the production of transplantable redwood trees. Our tissue culture laboratory is capable of producing more than one million sterilized plantlets per year.

Our redwood trees are custom grown according to the size requested by our customers. If you have a redwood tree that is outstanding in vigor, superior growth and production, we can take tissue from the mother tree and replicate as many as you desire in a period of 1 to 2 years. We have developed redwood trees that thrive in climates that are unusual for redwoods including hot, dry areas and higher elevations.

We have developed “Miniature Landscape Redwoods,” which are very rare and unusual in conformation, color and growth habit. The trees are ideally suited for landscaping. They will add a charm to any garden and yet you can say you are growing redwood trees in your backyard!

We have additional interests in helping landowners with restoration. This includes grasses, shrubs, and trees which help to contain contaminates in run-off situations from lakes, ponds, and industrial facilities.

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